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3 Easy Steps to Create a Bloomin' Birthday Gift Tag

The new year has sparked SO much creativity! 2019 is sure to be filled with many birthdays, so we’ve been thinkin’ of a fresh DIY to spruce up your gift tags.

Add that breath of fresh air into those birthday toppers with these three easy steps.

Step 1  

Gather a precious bundle of blooms and branches, like magenta Disbuds, Alstroemerias, and silver Eucalyptus from our January bouquet.

Lone Star Living Birthday Floral Gift DIY

Step 2

Wrap twine or ribbon around the stems of the bundle, making sure they are cozy n’ snug. Be sure to leave enough length to tie a bow.

Lone Star Living Flower DIY for Birthday Gift Tags

How To DIY a Birthday Gift Tag Using Lone Star Living Flowers

Step 3

Before tying a cute lil’ bow, slip on the gift tag and position it how you like. Finish it off with a bow of any size using twine, ribbon, etc. Small and dainty or large and floppy, it doesn’t matter!

An alternative would also be to cut the flower head from one of the stems and use double-sided tape to hold down on the gift. Try it!

How To DIY a Birthday Gift Tag Using Lone Star Living Flowers

Y’all best be sure to make your special gift topper right before headin’ over to see the lucky birthday boy or gal. These living blooms will be perky and vibrant for a while before feelin’ thirsty.

Recreate your own DIY birthday gift topper and remember to TAG us at @lonestarlivingb and we just might feature you!

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