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5 Things You Can't Miss in Lively San Antonio, Texas

January has been such an inspiring month, giving us that fuel we all needed to start 2019 off on the right foot. Which means, it’s time to recharge!

Filled with lots of life and color, San Antonio is the right spot to get a boost needed to continue chuggin’ through.

Between rich history, flavorful food, and endless activities -- this is one of the easy breeziest trips you’ll ever have to plan for the gang.

5 Things You Can't Miss in Lively San Antonio, Texas

Heading to the Riverwalk? We’ve got a quick list of the 5 top activities you just can’t miss out while there!

The Cruise with the Best Views

Catch a boat tour, it’s the comfiest way to get to know the city.

You’ll get to see all the Spanish-inspired buildings, like the Arneson River Theatre, the Rivercenter Mall, and get excited by all the tasty restaurants.

Remember The Alamo!

Is your trip to San Antonio complete if you don’t visit The Alamo? Don’t think so!

The Alamo is the most visited landmark in all of Texas. It’s such a pivotal moment to our Big Lone Star State.

5 Things You Can't Miss in Lively San Antonio, Texas

Oh, did we forget to mention its free to visit the church and the grounds? Enjoy a crisp afternoon as you take a stroll and mesmerize over the stunning koi fish pond and vintage architecture.

Jaw Droppin’ Fun

Want to leave the kiddos with their jaws dropped open? Then visiting all the out-of-this-world museums are a must.

From getting to see the World’s Fattest Man at Guinness World Records, or for the daring ones, goin’ through the bone-chillin’ Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Haunted House, this spot has got somethin’ to entertain the whole fam!

Tower of the Americas

Enjoy the breathtaking views by being 750 feet above the entire city. Take turns tryin’ to pinpoint all your fave spots, like The Alamo and Riverwalk, while up there.

So high, yet, SO worth it! Face your fear of heights.

Latin Spice is More than Just Nice

Walking only a few blocks away from the main attractions, like the Riverwalk and The Alamo is “El Mercado”, The Market Square.

5 Things You Can't Miss in Lively San Antonio, Texas

Make sure to stop by and visit one of the liveliest, most colorful markets you will ever visit. May your way through as festive music blares, shop authentic Spanish staples like the big sombreros and vibrant Mexican skirts, and tons of mouth-waterin’ Tex-Mex food. It’s like being at a real fiesta and we’re drooling at the thought of tacos!

What better way to explore this lively city than cruisin’ through the water, checkin’ out all the best views, and just having a dandy time with family & friends.

For all the adventure that is yet to come in 2019, San Antonio is a darn tootin’ place to get started!

If you go, make sure to tag @LoneStarLivingB at all your fave stops!

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