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Meet Charmelia: A Charming Flower with a Magical Touch

The holidays are just ‘round the corner. Let us introduce you to Charmelia, she’s a versatile gal that can charm her way into any event this season.

The perfect addition to any arrangement - she’s got the magical touch.

Learn about Lone Star Living Charmelia flower

Her stages of blooming let her dance as a filler or flower in any bouquet.

Girl’s got moves!

She starts out more toned down in green, which allows her stepsisters to stand out amongst her. When Charmelia is ready for the ball, her clustered blooms begin to shoot upward in a crown-like appearance.

Like the princess that she is.

Before you know it, she is magically dressed in pink and white petals with light green accents.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bloom!

Lone Star Living Charmelia Flower About


This gal won’t be leavin’ when the clock strikes twelve.

Instead of a few days, she has a reputation of being long-lasting. When used with proper care, Charmelia will remain fresh and attractive for up to 3 weeks (or up to 21 days). Almost unheard of!

Have her for weeks, she's there to stay.

Lone Star Living Charmelia Flower About

Two ways to flaunt this charming flower as a centerpiece this holiday season.

Pumpkin Carriage - Charmelia will feel right at home in a pumpkin carriage of her own. Place her in a hollow pumpkin for the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Glass Vase - When in doubt, a glass vase will do the trick. Slip her into any vase by simply trimming her stem. Go ahead, try it on, we’re certain it will fit.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about this enchanting flower. No matter where you place her, she will fill the room with elegance. Charmelia is one of the flowers in this month's new bouquet design, available exclusively at H-E-B!

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