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Easy Ways to Spread Joy in Texas on Random Acts of Kindness Day 2019

For a Texan, the only thing bigger than their pride for football and smokey BBQ is the size of their hearts. Did you know Random Acts of Kindness Day is right around the corner? On February 17th, it's all about reminding each other of our genuine love.

Showing kindness truly has no size! The rewarding feeling you get from putting a smile on someone’s face is priceless. The LSL team is all about spreadin’ tons of smiles and joy, all day everyday -- I mean, we work with flowers how could we not?

Today, we're here to share how simple (and effortless) it actually is to show kindness in our community.

Donate in Texas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Look for simple ways to bring some joy to a stranger like, donating goods to a local charity or hitting “yes, I’d like to donate” when checking out after picking up groceries at H-E-B.

An unexpected sweet lil' compliment goes a long way! Brighten someone's day by pointing out a positive attribute -- it's as random and special. If you're feeling bold, try placing a stem of your favorite flower from February's bouquet and tie with a red ribbon (or string) onto the handle or windshield of a car nearby. Could be your neighbor's or the stranger parked next to you at Starbucks.

How to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in Texas

On Random Acts of Kindness Day let’s try doin’ a bit more than just wavin’ or sayin’ 'Hey' to others. Elaborate past the typical "I'm fine, how are you?".

Surprise someone with a handwritten note attached to a single flower stem. Leave it on their mailbox or hang it on their front door. You can also try buying them a warm cup of coffee, or making a playlist filled with jazzy tunes to get them through their day.

Crafty Notes for Random Acts of Kindness Day

How to Surprise Someone with Flowers on Random Acts of Kindness Day in Texas

Lastly, we can’t forget to show kindness to those nearest and dearest to our hearts. This is the perfect day to go an extra mile to show your appreciation, but more so, just ‘cause. 

Want to melt their hearts? Try hiding a love note full of lovely sayings in their purse or wallet. Also, food is a great way to win someone's heart, so how about cookin’ up your favorite dish! Don’t have enough time for that? With H-E-B Curbside, you can order groceries along with a fresh LSL bouquet or Darling Tote blooms online, then swoop by and pick them up without steppin’ a foot into the store.

No matter what gesture you do, it’s truly the thought that counts. Let us know how you go above and beyond on Random Acts of Kindness Day by tagging us @LoneStarLivingB.

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