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Create a Fall DIY Mason Jar Flower Arrangement


It’s tearin’ up our hearts to let go of summertime fun, but here we are, ready to embrace a seasonal change! September made its way sooner than we hoped for, and we say that since the holiday madness will unfold soon. Here in Texas, we don’t have the pleasure of experiencing a true fall season, but it doesn’t stop us from layering with cozy plaid while sipping warm pumpkin-spice. Today, we’re bringing a fresh DIY to inspire fall décor into your home. Let’s see what fall brings us all!




Supplies you will need are:

  • 32 oz. wide mouth mason jar (medium size)
  • floral shears/scissors
  • twine or ribbon (optional)
  • spray paint
  • garbage bag/cardboard
  • 8-9 stems from a Lone Star Living flower bouquet

 Step #1 – let’s paint!


Our September bouquet was designed with transitional fall colors in mind, using rich copper orange, warm mustard yellow, delicate peach roses, lush garnet red and a touch of green.


When picking a spray paint color for your mason jar, consider these Fall 2018 shades: ivory, navy blue, gold metallic or hunter green. Because flowers deserve the spotlight, we decided to paint our mason jar in antique ivory, but feel free to use whichever color you prefer most!





Carefully spray paint your mason jar (lid is optional) outdoors on top of cardboard or newspaper. Let it sit for 5 minutes and apply another coat or as many as needed. Set a timer for 15 minutes to let the paint fully dry.


Step #2 – getting messy





Grab your LSL September bouquet, available at all local H-E-B store locations and H-E-B Curbside. Fluff the bouquet and pick 8-9 stems of your choice. Place a garbage bag or cardboard over a table and begin cutting each stem at an angle. Remember, this is your design – cut stems at your desired height.


We love the contrast between short & taller stems, which creates the look of a balanced arrangement. We went with the peach rose, charmelia, leucadendron, and pompons.




Once the spray paint is dry, cut a piece of ribbon or twine (optional) to add a textured element to your mason jar (vase). Tie it around the lower rim, creating a cute bow-shape. Next, twist the lid onto the jar and add water inside.


Step #3 – designing your arrangement





Begin arranging flowers inside the mason jar by height while you mix and match the colors and flowers. If you did cut the stems at different heights, try placing the tallest ones inside your mason jar first along the rim of the jar. Continue to fill up and arrange your flowers, bringing them forward as you add the medium-height stems and eventually shorter stems.


If all stems were cut at the same height, begin arranging flowers by the size of the blooms. For example, charmelia in the back next to the leucadendrom – the contrast of small and larger flower buds creates a very clean and balanced look to the arrangement!

If using a rose, we suggest only using one and making it the focal flower of the piece.

Step #4 – ta-da! all done




Now that you’ve got a brand-new fall-inspired DIY décor, it’s ready to be shown off! Pick your favorite spot in the house to settle your flower arrangement whether on a coffee table, bedroom nightstand, or the kitchen counter. Nothing beats a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade and transition from summer to fall using fresh flowers from your local H-E-B market!


Available exclusively at H-E-B!




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