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Sprucin’ Up Your Space with 4 Lively Flower Vases Under $40

So you’ve just picked out a beautiful bouquet of fresh Lone Star Living blooms, taken them home, watered them, fluffed them up, and are left with the same vase you’ve been usin’ for who knows how long.

Everyone is guilty of using the same flower vase for what seems like centuries.

If you’re looking for some change and inspo, we reckon it’s time to give your space a bit of pizazz! Just by adding a new decorative vase, the entire mood of a room changes. Voila!

We’ve gathered up the top 4 affordable vases under $40 that will fit perfectly in any space, ready?


silver southern charm vase


Who doesn’t like a lil shimmer?

She’s perfect for glamming out the dinner table or kitchen countertop. Wherever you place her, the gleams of added texture will make your guests do a double-take. This vase style is ideal if flower arranging isn't your thing -- simply cut the stems, add water, and allow your florals to free-flow.


pretty in pink vase

Vase #2: LIFE IN PINK (La vie en rose)

January brings new perspective and life couldn’t be more perfect with this pretty pastel.

Shades of magenta in this month’s bouquet paired with this vase will create that modern center-of-attention arrangement.

The views are just so much prettier in pink – right?

au naturale vaseVase #3: AU NATURALE!

Go natural like the plains of TX.

An unassuming carrier lets the flowers’ beauty speak for themselves.

Your guests and family will be left in awe! Keep it simple but make it Texas-sized.


silver pitcher vase


It’s that old classic that pulls you into the warm hearth of home.

Give your flower stems different heights for a fresh, “just-picked-from-the-garden” look.

We told you we’ve got you covered! We’re certain these vases will leave everyone admiring the beauty of your blooms.

We’d love to see how you zhush up your space. Be sure to share your creation with us by tagging us @lonestarlivingb! Bouquets available only at H-E-B.

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