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How to Feel Royal This Winter with Purple Flowers

Come on! You’ve got this! January is not over yet.

You’ve got to keep bringin’ all those positive vibes your way. Everyone is wishin’ for a stress-free, love-fillin’, powerful new year, and the color purple has got your back.

Wonderin’ how? Hmmmm… Just keep reading.

Here are three simple ways that the color purple can help you tackle some of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Takin’ Some “Me” Time

Purple brings a sense of peace and stability.

How to feel royal this winter with purple Adding rich hues of purple can be soothing to the mind. Softer hues of purple, like the mellow lavender Alstroemeria flower in this month’s bouquet, helps create more happy and calming vibes. It’s kinda like therapy!


After coming home from a stressful day at work and runnin’ around the house takin’ care of those that need mom to help them find the remote, their shoes, and then some – you need some air. (Basically, you’re takin’ care of everyone but yourself.)

Take a small daily “me” time that you so deserve and switch your Zen-mode ON! Grab three stems from your LSL bouquet - 2 purple flowers and a white one. Place these peaceful blooms inside a mason jar and make your way to your at-home-spa (bathroom). Add drops of lavender oil or bath salts for a dose of tranquility. Voila!


Your Regal Self

Purple is a color of luxury, wealth, and wisdom.

Lone Star Living Winter Lavender Alstroemeria Flowers

This year, YOU are the boss! Take some florals to your work space and let these rich lavenders remind you, you are kicking butt in 2019. Share the wealth with co-workers and friends by splitting a January bouquet and creating mini 3-stem arrangements. I mean, how cute is that?


Creations are Endless!

Violet sparks creativity, passion, and devotion.

2019 is the year to get crafty and finally tackle those hobbies you’ve been wanting to do, like knitting scarfs, painting flowers, and knocking out the best recipe for those choco-chip cinnamon cookies.

The dashes of purple from the Disbud and Pom-pom flowers, ignite those creative juices anywhere you place ‘em – be the kitchen, dining room table, or your special craft room!


Symbolism of Lone Star Living Lavender Flowers

Addin’ that lil’ sparkle of purple is the ideal pick-me-up to switch up your mood despite chaos surrounding you.

The purple hues from our January bouquet are packed with royal violet, vintage magenta, and delicate mauve. These shades can help you hit that reset button, even if only for a moment.

Find a January Lone Star Living bouquet at your local H-E-B and show us where you place yours by tagging us at @LoneStarLivingB!

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