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Meet Alstroemeria: Her Romantic Beauty

Valentine’s Day is comin’! We are SO ready for this heart-melting, sweet-talkin’, romance-filled day. Aren’t y’all? One of the ultimate symbols of love that gals are always dreamin’ of is a big bouquet of full fresh flowers. Right?

Lone Star Living Alstroemeria Flower Tips

Of the many beautiful flowers out there, we are takin’ a little extra time this month to shine a light on a bloom, she’s just as dazzlin’ and special, the stunning Alstroemeria.

What makes her so special? Well, just keep reading to see what makes her the perfect fit for any Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Often times the Alstroemeria is confused for Lilies because of her trumpet-like shape. It’s no wonder why everyone is always callin’ these cuties ‘Miniature Lilies.’ This dainty belle can be seen in loose clusters with small flowers blooming fabulously from each stem.              

She wears a variety of colorful get-ups, from purple, pink, red, orange and more! Choose any of her fits to add the perfect contrast of color to any arrangement.

Lone Star Living Alstroemeria Flower Tips                                                 

She makes the perfect lil’ accent!

Gettin’ her as a gift can bring everyone closer. She is known to be a symbol of friendship and devotion. What better way to show your S.O. how much you care?! And guess what else? She’s not fussy at all! Requiring very little maintenance, takin’ care of her will be a breeze. Here are 3 easy care tips you can’t forget.

  • She loves the spotlight, so be sure to place her in an area that gets plenty of sunlight.
  • Keep her hydrated, of course. Place her in a few inches of room temp. water away from any direct wind.
  • Simple maintenance. Be sure to trim any stems or remove any leaves that are submerged in water

Lone Star Living Alstroemeria Flower Tips

Simple enough, right? Show her the right lovin’ and she’ll bloom happily for almost two weeks. From chocolate kisses to those sweet strawberries and those lovely v-day cards, adding these special blooms will make this loving day mean so much more.

You’ll be able to catch her in our romantic February LSL bouquet. We want to see how she sparks the love in you. Tag us at @LoneStarLivingB!

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