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4 Steps to a Valentine's Date Night at Home

The season of romance is officially here! Ya’ll don’t have to be extravagant to make your bae blush this Valentine’s Day. All you need to do is head on over to H-E-B with your shopping list. Cupid will do the rest.

A dinner cooked with love is always the way to go. Whether you’re a busy mama or a college dude, these recipes are easy to make and yummy too.

For that ‘Lady and the Tramp’ moment:

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Top this dish with shavings of parmesan cheese, for that pricey look.

You simply cannot forget to pair this meal with a rich red wine. We've made it easy for you, with all the wine options to choose from, the Stella Rosa Red Reserve pairs nicely for a romantic Valentine's dinner! If you're lookin' for an easy, cheesy, and creamy comfort meal -- this one's for y'all.

Pair this classic meal with a cute Lone Star Living Darling Tote -- place it on your kitchen counter for a sweet surprise to your lovey!

Valentine's Date Night Shopping at H-E-B

Mama Maria’s Tamale Rice Casserole

Busy mamas can make a dish that is sure to have leftovers for the little ones. Because there is no holiday without gettin’ some lovin’ from the kiddos.

Pair this meal with an all time fav. drink Dr. Pepper because it’s guaranteed to please even your pickiest of guests and of course, some sugar for your sugga!

Shopping at H-E-B for Valentine&#x27;s Date Night at Home

Shopping at H-E-B for Valentines Date Night at Home

A date night is not complete without satisfying that sweet tooth! Some real delicious and simple-to-bake desserts are a must, starting with the Chocolate Volcano Cups - An explosion of ooey-gooey chocolate!

Another quick fave? The Chocolate Fondue - perfect to slice and dip your fav treats, like strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows and more. Turn up the heat, by feedin’ them to each other. Bow Chicka Wah Wah!

If you are runnin’ out of time, the H-E-B bakery has a nice selection of V-Day goodies, like cherry cheesecakes and decadent chocolate cakes, ready to go.

Shopping at H-E-B for Valentines Date Night at Home

Now it wouldn't be a proper Valentine’s date without all the cute lil’ deets.

Create a romantic ambiance -- hit the lights and set the table with candles and flowers. A candlelit dinner at home is beyond romantic and costs almost nothin’. Our February bouquet is the perfect finishing touch for a date night and a surprise add-on to a sweet gift.

Shopping at H-E-B for Valentines Date Night at Home

Surely your darling will feel a tug at their heartstrings when they see all your efforts.

Snap a pic of your V-Day setup and share it with us @LoneStarLivingb!

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